Why you’ll love the food restrictions on The Wild Diet.

His name is Abel James and he’s the author of “The Wild Diet”. His book claims you can “go beyond Paleo to burn fat, beat cravings, and drop 20 pounds in 40 days”.

Okay, this guy’s making some pretty wild (haha..ha…okay, moving on..) claims. Who is he?

Abel is the host of Fat Burning Man, the # 1 health podcast across the globe. Millions watched each week as he led 47-year old Kurt to a weight loss of 50 pounds in six weeks on “My Diet is Better Than Yours”. Best of all, he’s been there. He went from overweight and unhealthy to fit, energized and bursting with a passion for health.

The truth is, despite the title, Abel James isn’t selling a diet in the typical sense. He’s providing knowledge and a lifestyle that an entire industry has overshadowed. There’s a growing movement against processed foods, added sugars, and all the other pointless things we do to wreck our food and damage our bodies. Abel breaks down the logic behind this movement in such a simple and thorough way, once you start reading you’ll be floored.

We discovered Abel James, as many of you may have, on the show “My Diet is Better Than Yours”.  Man, did it look like this guy knew what it was all about. We eagerly tuned in each week to see what came next with Abel and the contestant Kurt. Some of the other coaches, Dawn Jackson Blatner with the Superfood Swap, Rob Sulaver’s Nutrient Timing Plan and  the Strong Safe and Sexy Diet with Jennifer Cassetta were incredible also, right? The thing with healthy living is…everyone’s different. All of these coaches brought something amazing to the table and helped the contestants succeed because it worked for them! Doing what works for you is KEY to weight loss and healthy living.

If you’re afraid the junk free, whole foods, nutrient packed Paleo lifestyle that is The Wild Diet won’t work for you, we get it. If you aren’t interested in the freedom to have bacon, real dark chocolate, grass fed butter, and fresh nutrient loaded foods in your diet, that’s fine!  Before you can make a decision, though, you have to come back next week to discover just what The Wild Diet is all about, and why it CAN work for you.